About Rail Park

A 254 acre Freehold (with Change of Land Use i.e CLU) fully developed Rail Park (Ancillary Unit) is being established beside the highway near Modern Coach Factory (access to MCF bypassing Lalganj). This is an opportunity for Rail Coach Suppliers to establish production capacity as large as desired close to MCF at low land cost, taking advantage of signi?cant incentives of Industrial Parks and saving transportation costs to become competitive in supplies and connectivity is better for vendor companies like Air, Rail, by Roads convenient for all states.


Ancillary Units (AU) are small firms manufacturing and supplying intermediate goods, typically to help out large firms at one place. They make spare parts components for large industries. They are located near large industries and help vendors in development of one large equipment by gathering all spare parts for Modern Coach Factory.

The proposed to develop ABA Group the Rail Park for the vendors in District Fatehpur which is near to Modern Coach Factory (MCF), Raebareli so that an easy access can be provided with lots of facilities to the MCF vendor companies. By the development of Ancillary Unit for Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli for vendors will save the costing of transportation, precious time, easy and fast delivery, will increase the supply chain, will have great control with easy inspections, will increase the revenue for MCF, will save fuel reduce emissions (healthy environment), will increase the job opportunities for youngsters.

As, per the requirement ABA Group will also develop labour colony & guest house and provide standard quality of living for employees and provide green and healthy environment after taking all approvals required for Rail Park development. The required approvals from governing bodies as per the development of Rail Park are: UPSIDC (Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation) and Pollution control board, Fire Department, Forest Department, Minor Irrigation, District Administration, Electricity Department, NHAI etc.

ABA Group wants to take an initiative in developing an Ancillary Unit (AU) for vendors to benefit cost saving and easy access to the Modern Coach Factory (MCF). ABA Group aims to focus to develop the Rail Park to benefit from competitive rate and service packages which will benefit vendors of the Modern Coach Factory (MCF) in transportation as well as easy access of all amenities at one place and at low cost production.
As Fatehpur is on the route of National Highway- 335 between Lucknow and Prayagraj (Allahabad). A rail line is being built from Raebareli to Akbarganj, on the northern railway network. The modern coach factory is rail coach manufacturing unit which is near MCF. Thus, has approached to develop ABA Group industrial park of Ancillary Unit (AU) for vendors in the advent location near MCF.
The proposed project is for development of industrial park of Ancillary Unit (AU) for vendors of modern coach factory (MCF). The ABA Group will develop industrial park for modern coach factory vendors to house ancillary unit for development of modern rail coaches and instantly fulfills all requirements as per the demand of MCF.
All the infrastructure facilities like laying of roads, 24*7 operations availability, customized switching operations options, truck to rail options, drainage, street / high mast lights, etc. will be provided to the vendors for the development of ancillary unit (AU), Kanpur to Prayagraj (Allahabad) Freight Corridor.


The proposed project for development of Rail Park (Ancillary Unit) Fatehpur, due to advantage of its location, easy accessibility, availability of water and labour force will be one of the viable and attractive estates. As the industrial site is located nearby Modern Coach Factory from where rail coaches are developed and it's in rural area also. Thus, the proposed project will increase revenue for Modern Coach Factory as well as provide employments to rural people.

Location Map

This is just a Start... Modern Era of Industries
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Common Facilities

24 m, 18 m & 12 m Wide Roads
Assured Electricity Supply
EPABX (Intercom) & CCTV Cameras
Facilities Center & Commercial Zone
Boundary Wall & Gate
Community Center
Control & Guard Room
Health Center
Land for Fire Station
Road Side Greenery
Sewage Treatment Plant
Laying Of Road for Light & Heavy Vehicles
Street / High Mast Light

Location Benefits

  • 1 - Water level is good at Rail Park Saraila site.
  • 2 - Well connectivity to NH 2

  • Nearby Schools in Fatehpur

  • 1 - Jaipuriya School
  • 2 - Summerfield School
  • 3 - New City Montessori Schools

    Nearby Colleges in Fatehpur

  • 1 - S.R. Degree College
  • 2 - Maharana Pratap P.G. College
  • 3 - Swami Vivekanand Girls Inter College
  • 4 - Government Industrial Training Institute Fatehpur
  • 5 - Fatehpur College Of Engineering and Management
  • 6 - The Nivedita Singh Girls Degree College
  • 7 - Thakur Yugraj Singh College Of Professional tudies

    Bus Stops in Fatehpur

  • 1 - Bindiki Bus Stop
  • 2 - Fatehpur Bus Stand
  • 3 - Jayram Nagar
  • 4 - Ghazipur Bus Stand

    Hospitals in Fatehpur

  • 1 - Sai Specialized Dental Hospital Fatehpur(UP)
  • 2 - Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital
  • 3 - Ram Sanehi Memorial Hospital
  • 4 - Government Hospital
  • 5 - Broadwell Christian Hospital
  • 6 - Fatehpur Nursing Home
  • 7 - Veterinary Hospital

    Local Government Offices in Fatehpur

  • 1 - Nagar Palika Parishad
  • 2 - Employment Office, Fatehpur
  • 3 - City Municipal Office
  • 4 - Sub Registrar Office Sadar, Fatehpur
  • 5 - Office Of Jal Nigam
  • 6 - Office Of Soldiers Board, Fatehpur
  • 7 - PWD Office, Fatehpur
  • 7 - Tehsil Office, Fatehpur


Acre Industrial PARK


Crore Investment


Companies Participated



Intent of Investment in Rail Park

Investment Plan

Connectivity Description

  • From Modern Coach Factory

  • From Lalganj

  • Lucknow To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Lucknow Air Port To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Kanpur To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Kanpur Air Port To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Raebareli To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Unnao To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Banaras To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Prayagraj (Allahabad) To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Fatehpur Railway station To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • From Fatehpur Bus stand

  • 24      KM

  • 18      KM

  • 102     KM

  • 92       KM

  • 96       KM

  • 86       KM

  • 50       KM

  • 90       KM

  • 263     KM

  • 145     KM

  • 20       KM

  • 16       KM

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