About Rail Park

A 250 acre Freehold (with Change of Land Use i.e CLU) fully developed Rail Park (Ancillary Unit) is being established beside the highway near Modern Coach Factory (access to MCF bypassing Lalganj). This is an opportunity for Rail Coach Suppliers to establish production capacity as large as desired close to MCF at low land cost, taking advantage of significant incentives of Industrial Parks and saving transportation costs to become competitive in supplies and connectivity is better for vendor companies like Air, Rail, by Roads convenient for all states.


  • Ancillary Units (AU) are small firms manufacturing and supplying intermediate goods, typically to help out large firms at one place.
  • They make spare parts components for large industries.
  • They are located near large industries and help vendors in development of one large equipment by gathering all spare parts for Modern Coach Factory.

Layout Plan & 3D Views

Intent of Investment in Rail Park


Connectivity Description

  • From Modern Coach Factory

  • From Lalganj

  • Lucknow To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Lucknow Air Port To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Kanpur To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Kanpur Air Port To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • 24 KM

  • 18 KM

  • 102 KM

  • 92 KM

  • 96 KM

  • 86 KM

  • Raebareli To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Unnao To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Banaras To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Prayagraj (Allahabad) To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • Fatehpur Railway station To Rail Park (Saraila)

  • From Fatehpur Bus stand

  • 50 KM

  • 90 KM

  • 263 KM

  • 145 KM

  • 20 KM

  • 16 KM